34 Ways to set goals

1 Assess your goals

2 Reward yourself for achieving your goals

3 Accountability with goals

4 Set deadlines to accomplish your goals

5 Make goals that are measurable

6 Plan

7 Know your goals

8 Plan of action

9 Keep track of your progress

10 Get an accountability partner or system

11 Goal design

12 Write down and review your goals

13 Include employees in the goal setting process

14 Align your goals with your purpose

15 Publicize your goals and make yourself accountable

16 Let go of your past

17 Get feedback

18 Break your goals down

19 Acquire knowledge

20 Monitor progress and continue to set goals

21 Ensure your goals are specific

22 Set goals that are realistic and attainable

23 Use your goals in every aspect of your life

24 Keep your goals visible at all times

25 Review your list

26 Employee performance goal example for professional development

27 Plan for a support system

28 Gain the skills needed to achieve your goal

29 Conduct a social media audit

30 Use the smart goals formula

31 Perform a brainstorming session

32 Work hard

33 Brooke cagle

34 Pick your path

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