70 Wasy to stop procrastinating

1 Prioritize a task

2 Give yourself a reward

3 Eliminate distractions

4 Set milestones before the deadline

5 Set a timer

6 Break tasks down

7 Start

8 Forgive thy present self

9 Set goals

10 Make a plan

11 Try the pomodoro technique

12 Break a project into smaller tasks

13 Hang out with people who inspire you to take action

14 Determine why you are procrastinating

15 Be accountable

16 Tell others about your goals

17 Re-clarify your goals

18 Take action!

19 Visualize your future

20 Do the hard tasks first

21 Manage yourself

22 Do the hardest task first

23 Break a big project into smaller tasks

24 Ask for help

25 Stop chasing perfection

26 Stop thinking

27 Break the task into manageable steps

28 Fear of failure

29 Promise yourself youll get a reward when its done

30 Assign a realistic deadline for yourself

31 Get organised

32 Break big projects into smaller chunks

33 Keep your distractions off your sight

34 Get a friend involved

35 Pick a workspace that works for you

36 Give yourself a break

37 Set smaller goals

38 Plan tasks to do in your study time

39 Be ok starting somewhere

40 Enlist the help of others

41 Set achievable goals to hit along the way

42 Identify what triggers you to procrastinate

43 Be kinder to yourself

44 Think about the reward

45 Give yourself reminders

46 Schedule your day

47 Break up large tasks

48 Just give it 5 minutes

49 Enjoy your work

50 Take away your options

51 Block your time

52 Make yourself a date

53 Make a public declaration

54 Choose empowering expressions

55 Manage your time efficiently

56 Research

57 Revision

58 Etc

59 Get a buddy

60 Seek out someone who has already achieved the outcome

61 Stop over-complicating things

62 Get a grip and just do it

63 Identify your triggers

64 Face your triggers and get rid of them

65 Form a ritual

66 Take planned breaks

67 Keep track of your time in a smart way

68 Make your environment more appealing

69 Give yourself shorter deadlines

70 Finish it

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