28 Ways to accept criticism

1 Show appreciation

2 Listen to understand

3 See criticism as help

4 Dont get defensive

5 Do not take it personally

6 Put yourself in the other persons shoes

7 Analyze how you should interpret the negative feedback

8 Focus on the feedback

9 See this as an opportunity

10 Thank your critics

11 Pause before reacting

12 Request a chance to follow-up

13 Plan in-process time

14 Follow up on the issue

15 Avoid escalating tensions

16 Take some time to reflect

17 Refrain from reacting emotionally

18 Always give your best effort

19 Respond to criticism with humor and wit

20 Be receptive and appreciative

21 Ask questions

22 Try not to dwell on it

23 Be gracious

24 Delay my reaction

25 Admit my mistakes

26 Enjoy the fun of failure

27 Acknowledge receipt

28 Maintain privacy

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