8 Reasons for procrastination

Procrastination is just another fancy word for "delaying tactics". You know, the kind that the good guys try with the bad guys till the police arrives. Most reasons, as you will see next, are such delaying tactics. Tactics to ensure that the work is pushed to the end. So that you work on it right before the deadline. Once you know the reasons behind your procrastination, it becomes easier to overcome this terrible habit.

1 Perfection

You try to avoid tasks that you "think" require perfection. You do not seem to be ever satisfied with the first line that you are writing for a research report. If you keep working on it. Till you give up and think that you will do it someday. You will do it when the deadline is looming over your head. Or so you think.

2 Instant gratification

You are unable to consistently work towards a goal because you are constantly seeking out fleeting pleasures in life. You have to study, but you seek out avenues that provide instant satisfaction. Cartoons. Videos. Celebrity gossip. Movies. You never get to the task. Once the time allotted for the task is up, you repent that the day is over and that you will start afresh the next day. That next day never comes. Life goes by, without you ever finishing anything on time.

3 Dull tools

When it comes time to work, you start by sharpening your tools. You want to write, but you get to organizing that workstation. Or conduct more research and literature survey before even writing a word. Or fidget with the pen and complain how effective you could be if you just had a decent laptop. Like that shiny one you saw the other day.

4 Unpleasant tasks

Yes, some tasks are plain boring. If they weren't boring, you would be delivering on them day in and day out.

5 Daunting tasks

Some tasks are just not your cup of tea. But they have to be done. They are purposely hard. And they come your way. Even if you do not want them to.

6 Time-consuming tasks

The longer the task, the more likely you are too procrastinate on it. Why? Because you are unable to sit or dwell on one task for a really long time. Your brain actively seeks out distractions every once in a while and then the task takes a backseat.

7 Distractions

That girl in that hot dress just went past, and now you cannot focus on the task at hand. You are done for the day. You receive a phone call, or that text message and you lose track of what you were doing in the first place. Your family members circle around or drop that favorite trophy of yours and all hell breaks lose.

8 Uncertainties

Much like a distraction, but something unplanned happens and we digress into that unplanned event.

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