37 Ways to be a better communicator in a relationship

1 Listen intently

2 Be consistent

3 Pay attention to non-verbal signs

4 Ask more questions

5 Be direct and honest

6 Use body language

7 Keep things simple

8 Understand how your partner feels appreciated

9 Improve at listening

10 Identify your communication styles

11 Stay focused

12 Be open and honest with your partner

13 Regulate your emotions

14 Communicate with transparency

15 Be generous with your affection

16 Make better small talk

17 Gain clarity

18 Be respectful of their time

19 Avoid negative comparisons

20 Ask for what you want and need

21 Get rid of distractions

22 Think before you speak or act

23 Determine if your partners needs are being met

24 Become fluent in body language

25 Use face-to-face communication

26 Explain your reason for wanting to break up with clarity

27 Get a good tool

28 Honestly express your intentions and boundaries

29 Use softeners before questioning

30 Communicate your feelings through stories

31 Give lots of micro positive expressions

32 Give your undivided attention

33 Kill small talk

34 Respond rather than react

35 Become a highlighter

36 Embrace shame with empathy

37 Prioritize workplace communication training

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