23 Ways to be a good listener in a relationship

1 Ask questions

2 Avoid interrupting

3 Ask probing questions

4 Good listeners are not judgmental

5 Face the speaker and give them your attention

6 Respond appropriately

7 Empathize and affirm

8 Make eye contact

9 Listen from a neutral mindset

10 Get rid of distractions

11 Maintain the appropriate amount of eye contact

12 Attention span

13 Listen without thinking have to respond

14 Good listeners probe and ask the right questions

15 Stop whatever youre doing

16 Summarise what youve heard with empathy

17 Listen with the intention of learning

18 Register what has been said

19 Listen to nonverbal messages

20 Look at how they feel

21 Regulate your emotions

22 Show that you understand

23 Notice their needs

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