42 Ways to be responsible for yourself

1 Stop blaming others

2 Have a schedule

3 Stop making excuses

4 Give up multi-tasking

5 Model responsibility and accountability

6 Stop…

7 Look for busy, stressed out co-workers

8 Take responsibility

9 Find a mentor

10 Be honest

11 Respect other peoples opinions

12 Be proactive with self care

13 Increase your self-understanding

14 Ask harder questions

15 Ask for help when you need it

16 Focus on taking action

17 Self acceptance

18 Look for the positive

19 Decide to get started and set goals

20 Start young

21 Provide routines and structure

22 Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle

23 Be proactive

24 Start with the fun stuff

25 Become an expert

26 Take responsibility for your own actions

27 Identify your personal work patterns

28 Set small goals for the tasks

29 Figure out your 2 peak hours

30 Focus on one goal at a time

31 Throw stuff away and declutter

32 Find a method for delegating and following-up

33 Create a proactive dashboard

34 Be accountable to another person

35 Pick one task and then do it

36 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

37 Get sunlight

38 Group similar tasks together

39 Get all warm and cuddly

40 Learn how to manage your finances

41 Self love

42 Become an inverse paranoid

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