33 Ways to be more accountable

1 Reward yourself when you achieve positive outcomes

2 Have an accountability partner

3 Track your progress

4 Hold yourself accountable

5 Create micro-goals

6 Set great goals

7 Write it down

8 Establish expectations

9 Use an accountability framework

10 Be brutally honest with yourself

11 Get a coach

12 Reflect on your progress

13 Get in the right mindset

14 Create an environment of trust

15 Reward your accomplishments and milestones

16 Enroll with a friend

17 Involve employees in the goal-setting process

18 Track your spending

19 Ask for feedback

20 Ask harder questions

21 Take responsibility for actions

22 Use technology to your advantage

23 Set clear goals, expectations, and policies

24 Fulfill commitment

25 Show self-accountability

26 Set deadlines and review progress

27 Identify your personal mission statement

28 Build psychological safety with your team

29 Communicate & align

30 Use lists wisely

31 Emphasize your strengths, improve your weaknesses

32 Value your time

33 Review your performance

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