11 Ways to make money flipping websites

People claim $17000 in just 6 months just flipping websites. That's a solid chunk of cash on the side.

But before you sell, be sure to check the value of your website using these top website worth calculators.

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1 Flippa

Flippa It is among the top 1000 most visited sites in the world and US. Flippa was the first ever marketplace for selling websites. Naturally, they have sold more websites than all of their competitors, combined, totalling $184+ Million.

2 Digitalpoint forums

Digitalpoint forums You can sell on their forums as long as you have been member for at least 14 days, have at least 25 posts and do not have a reputation in red.

3 Internetcompanyforsell

InternetCompanyForSell They do not charge commission, but they do have a one time listing fee that could be about $59.95 for established sites that list till they sell.

4 Sitesindeed

SitesIndeed provides a free basic listing for 90 days, but will charge a fee if you wish to continue listing with them.

5 Iwebtool forums

iWebTool forums Another forum where you can sell your website and also talk about developing your own websites

6 Webmaster-talk marketplace

Webmaster-Talk Marketplace General listing is free but promotions will need credits that you can buy with them.

7 Websiteacquire

WebsiteAcquire Not a very browser friendly site, but charge only $5 for listing your site.

8 Websitebroker

WebsiteBroker They have multiple tiers for listing, $9.95 for 90 days and $29.95 for premium listing. You can sell both domain names and full websites.

9 Empireflippers

EmpireFlippers Empire Flippers is an Inc. 500 company, which is the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses that entrepreneurs trust.

10 Webuywebsites

WeBuyWebsites They buy your established websites for the reputation and user-base it has, so you are dealing directly with them.

11 Buysellwebsites

BuySellWebsites They claim to have started in 2001 and have thousands of happy customers and visitors every month.

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