40 Ways to make money online from gigs

There are many categories for making money online from gigs.

1 Write articles or blog posts

2 Edit articles or blog posts

3 Write resumes and cover letters

4 Write product descriptions

5 Write headlines

6 Write letters/emails

7 Offer your handwriting services (thank you notes, greeting cards, etc.)

8 Critique websites

9 Seo help

10 Do keyword research for people looking to improve their website seo

11 Turn photographs into paintings/digital images

12 Create or modify spreadsheets

13 Design logos and banners

14 Design e-book covers

15 Design business cards

16 Edit/retouch images

17 Make crafts

18 Send video messages

19 Paint/draw pictures

20 Share links/promos to your facebook or twitter followers (works best if you have tons of followers)

21 Help people get facebook or twitter followers

22 Create video advertisements

23 Help troubleshoot website problems

24 Help people set up their websites

25 Translation

26 Interpretation

27 Transcribe audio files

28 Post advertisements to craigslist and other sites online

29 Help others with homework/essays

30 Give advice

31 Help people brainstorm

32 Create pdf files

33 Get rid of computer viruses or malware

34 Sing songs on video or audio for others

35 Create music for others using your talent

36 Do voice overs/voice acting

37 Write songs or jingles

38 Master audio tracks

39 Do research

40 Teach lessons

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