35 Ways to be a good conversationalist

1 Give sincere compliments

2 Listen

3 Show genuine interest

4 Ask open ended questions

5 Ask this type of question

6 Speak slowly

7 Stay on point

8 Look approachable

9 Avoid small talk

10 Keep conversations focused on them

11 Relax and be yourself

12 Be interested and interesting

13 Give, give, give

14 Know yourself

15 Be honest

16 Become a great listener

17 Use your body language

18 Be complimentary

19 Dont mind the silences

20 Dont be distracted

21 Say my name, say my name

22 Intp

23 Shine the spotlight

24 Practice active listening

25 Cut to the chase

26 Take a breath

27 Learn, learn, learn

28 Embrace small talk

29 Be attentive

30 Ask how you can help

31 Never lose eye contact

32 Be brief

33 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

34 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

35 Consider how to use a modified no

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