54 Ways to be less bored

1 Learn a new skill

2 Get a new hobby

3 Go for a stroll

4 Make art

5 Watch a ted talk

6 Read a book

7 Learn a new language

8 Take a break

9 Enroll in classes

10 Do something creative

11 Do yoga

12 Listen to good music

13 Stay connected

14 Turn your writing into a game

15 Reorganize a room or area of your home

16 Move!

17 Connect with your readers

18 Hang out in the campus coffee shop

19 Go shopping at a thrift store

20 Pretend you are a tourist in your own hometown

21 Plan ahead of time

22 Tell stories

23 Simply stop

24 Read!

25 Try new things together

26 Re-watch old movies with friends

27 Learn how to cook better

28 Start keeping a journal

29 Avoid passive consumption

30 Plan a road trip

31 Look at funny or cute pictures online

32 Ask for a new employee

33 Start your personal blog

34 Catch up with old friends

35 Take boredom breaks

36 Schedule a coffee with someone you respect at work

37 Go to a museum off campus

38 Be grateful for each other

39 Join an employee volunteer group

40 Start a writing project to exercise your imagination and creativity

41 Go in the garden

42 Let him watch some tv

43 Isolate your savings

44 Ensure your well is full

45 Put yourself in jail

46 Write a first draft in the opposite direction

47 Use an unusual word in your writing

48 Adopt the voice of a different writer

49 Identify your cues

50 Entertain your readers

51 Improve your recall

52 Mix up your cardio

53 Tin can bowling

54 Invent something

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