39 Ways to build relationships

1 Be consistent

2 Stay in touch

3 Respect each other

4 Develop mutual trust

5 Make them feel appreciated

6 Remain visible

7 Be a good listener

8 Accept your weaknesses and leverage your strengths

9 Say thank you

10 Be approachable

11 Take responsibility for your actions

12 Be genuine and honest

13 Listen

14 Give affection

15 Get more personal

16 Communicate directly

17 Offer, and ask for, help

18 Host special events for clients

19 Volunteer in the workplace

20 Identify shared goals and values

21 Know where to do networking

22 Make meaningful connections for people to network with each other

23 Be present, physically

24 Connect and give value

25 Be proactive with communication

26 Share relevant content

27 Avoid transactional thinking

28 Share stories from your life

29 Communicate communicate communicate

30 Map out student relationships with adults

31 Questionnaire or letter from families

32 Have a short memory

33 Use multiple channels

34 Schedule brainstorming time

35 Always talk thingsover

36 Cultivate a relationship over time

37 Be present in the workplace

38 Return policy

39 Respond to those who contact you

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