140 Ways to be happy

1 Be grateful

2 Choose happiness

3 Be compassionate

4 Practice meditation

5 Meditate and be mindful

6 Go for some exercise

7 Spend time with someone who is happy

8 Make friends

9 Make time for fun

10 Help others

11 Smile

12 Get outside

13 Get a good nights sleep

14 Stay balanced

15 Think positive

16 Keep a journal

17 Receive the love of those who love you

18 Play with a pet

19 Make plans

20 Focus on the good

21 Give back

22 Hug like you mean it

23 Have a great birthday!

24 Plan a little fun

25 Save

26 Spend your money on experiences rather than things

27 Change your mindset

28 Avoid negative thoughts

29 Do yoga

30 Be genuinely happy for other people

31 Take a break from social media

32 Buy material goods that help improve experiences

33 Listen to some music

34 Move more

35 Think of happy memories

36 Live according to your personal values

37 Reach out to others

38 Find those silver linings

39 Meditate regularly

40 Build meaningful connections

41 Be forgiving

42 Stop complaining

43 Give yourself a confidence boost

44 Living happy

45 Practice self-care

46 Give a compliment

47 Enjoy your work

48 Take care of yourself

49 Spend time in nature

50 Laugh

51 Practice gratitude for what you have

52 Have a good one!

53 Take advantage of your office perks

54 Reach out and touch someone – literally

55 Be nice to people (yep, thats it)

56 Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

57 Focus on the bigger picture

58 Say thank you like you mean it

59 Practise mindfulness

60 Ask for a raise or promotion

61 Call your mom

62 Find a good work-life balance

63 Change up your vocabulary

64 Appreciation (to value it)

65 Stop the comparisons

66 Pure relief cbd gummies

67 Take yourself on a date

68 Put your phone away

69 Switch up your routine

70 Buy yourself some flowers

71 Make smart meal choices

72 Practice smiling more

73 Listen to upbeat music

74 Pick up a book to read

75 Remember your value

76 Spend money on others

77 Go for walks during the day

78 Take a lunch break

79 Make a daily gratitude list

80 Delay gratification

81 Remind yourself how great you are

82 Believe and trust yourself

83 Make your own happiness a priority

84 Many happy returns of the day!

85 Create a happiness training routine

86 Identify your strengths to help you have self confidence

87 Focus on positive relationships

88 Get out and exercise

89 Make sure to communicate

90 Make the most of the weekend

91 Explore your spirituality

92 Serve and help others

93 Express gratitude for the good things in your life

94 Know that your work has meaning

95 Be present in your relationships

96 Act with compassion

97 Be giving

98 Celebrate little victories

99 Understand your feelings

100 Put yourself first

101 Focus on relationships

102 Find your passion and cultivate it

103 Learn something new

104 Foster or adopt a pet

105 Skip the coffee, and exercise before work instead

106 Go play

107 Buy experiences, not stuff

108 Lend a hand

109 Have an open mind

110 Stop checking facebook

111 Take responsibility for your own life

112 Use your broader network

113 Eat, play, love

114 Fake a smile

115 Follow the golden ratio

116 Try to cut back on work

117 Look on the bright side

118 Express pride in what youve done

119 Find bliss in a bucket list

120 Build a growth mindset for happiness

121 Spend smarter for more happiness

122 End your negative patterns of thinking

123 Find clarity

124 Use your imagination to create the life you seek

125 Go after life

126 Speak up and be yourself

127 Dance

128 Articulate your needs

129 Be busy, but not rushed

130 Savor everyday moments

131 Organize group events

132 Live your dreams

133 Treat your customers as individuals

134 Talk with friends

135 Donate to charity

136 Indulge in small pleasures rather than big splurges

137 Spread out your spending

138 Buy now, consume later

139 Avoid comparison shopping

140 Think about the big picture before making a major purchase

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