61 Ways to be happy on your own

1 Choose to be happy

2 Be grateful

3 Believe you can be happy

4 Be kind

5 Exercise!

6 Find your passion and cultivate it

7 Make plans for your future

8 Get plenty of sleep

9 Accept yourself for who you are

10 Stop comparing yourself to other people

11 Develop healthy habits

12 Smile!

13 Take care of yourself!

14 Ask for help

15 Buy yourself some flowers

16 Try something new

17 Appreciate what you have

18 Connect with people

19 Cultivate relationships

20 Practise mindfulness

21 See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

22 Spend time with nature

23 Just listen

24 Engage in meaningful activities

25 Cultivate gratitude

26 Resist the urge to compare yourself to others

27 Choose to set boundaries

28 Bring your pet to work

29 Take a positive approach

30 Ask for a hug from someone you love

31 Get someone else to help

32 Give yourself a break you are doing fine

33 Respect her

34 Time with friends is time well spent

35 Take responsibility

36 Make your own happiness a priority

37 Look for the good in things

38 Exercise and eat right

39 Create a gratitude journal

40 Happy is entirely up to you and always has been

41 Buy material goods that help improve experiences

42 Buy gifts for others

43 Donate to charity

44 Indulge in small pleasures rather than big splurges

45 Spread out your spending

46 Buy now, consume later

47 Avoid comparison shopping

48 Think about the big picture before making a major purchase

49 Maybe consume caffeine

50 Find joy in your present moment

51 Practice self-love

52 Exercise and build a healthy lifestyle

53 Get out of your comfort zone

54 Use your alone time wisely

55 Learn to appreciate the present

56 Build a strong network of family and friends

57 Recognize youre fine being alone

58 Volunteer your time

59 Too much happiness can make you less creativeand less safe

60 Dont put too much pressure on yourself

61 Know that the grass is seldom greener

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