26 Ways to be happy again after a breakup

1 Allow yourself to feel your feelings

2 Be kind to yourself

3 Try something new

4 Keep yourself busy

5 Take care of yourself

6 Be excited about what the future holds

7 Allow yourself peaceful solitude

8 Cut off communication with your ex

9 Treat yourself to a new sex toy

10 Realise that you deserve healthy love

11 Establish a new routine

12 Go on a real date again

13 Take time to better yourself

14 Think its for the best

15 Surround yourself with people you love

16 Book yourself a massage

17 Find a new everyday hobby

18 Think that you deserve better

19 Challenge your sadness

20 Make them laugh

21 Break up with the breakup

22 Help your friend clean their car or room

23 Find a support system

24 Remember what sucked

25 Remember who you are

26 Stop blaming yourself

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