22 Ways to be mindful at work

1 Pay attention to your breathing

2 Feel gratitude

3 Do a guided meditation or mindfulness practice

4 Slow down to speed up

5 Make time for short mindfulness exercises

6 Remember to breathe

7 Use mindful reminders

8 Focus on one task at a time

9 Take a lunch break

10 Observe the people around you

11 Listen to people

12 Become a single tasker

13 Cultivate kindness and compassion in yourself

14 Let stress be your friend

15 Develop active listening skills

16 Turn off your devices

17 Wipe the knife with a tack cloth until clean

18 Learn to enjoy silence

19 Show compassion to others

20 Accept what you cant change

21 Adopt a growth mindset

22 Improved relationships at work and at home

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