48 Ways to be mindful

1 Focus on your breath

2 Practice guided meditations

3 Be grateful

4 Listen carefully

5 Take a breath

6 Slow down to speed up

7 Engage your senses

8 Go outside

9 Observe your thoughts and feelings

10 Practice mindful eating

11 Take time out

12 Find a quiet spot

13 Walk with intention

14 Practice yoga

15 Making your bed

16 Mindfulness through movement

17 Journaling

18 Ask yourself what you need

19 Take another deep breath

20 Put your phone away

21 Be authentic

22 Enjoy your meal

23 Pause between actions

24 Create a journal

25 Create healthy eating habits

26 Take scheduled time-outs

27 Think about your intention

28 Participate in active listening

29 Cook yourself a meal

30 Be responsive, not reactive

31 Use mindful reminders

32 Let stress be your friend

33 Take in some natural light

34 Avoid the negativity

35 Take a lunch break

36 Learn something new

37 Set your intention for the day

38 Show compassion to others

39 Help someone

40 Be consciously present

41 Turn off your devices

42 Outsource what you can

43 Feel the bottoms of your feet

44 Set small goals that facilitate mindfulness

45 Re-set breaks

46 Keep phone and computer time in check

47 Develop creative ways to process emotions and increase resilience

48 Take control of your physical wellness

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