35 Ways to be mindful all day

1 Breathe deeply

2 Pay attention to your breathing

3 Practice gratitude

4 Try mindful eating

5 Cooking

6 Go outside

7 Journaling

8 Making your bed

9 Slow right down

10 Ask yourself what you need

11 Practice yoga

12 Go for a walk

13 Concentrate on one thing at a time

14 Find a quiet spot

15 Take a nap

16 Take a body scan

17 Create a journal

18 Set your intention for the day

19 Allow your mind to wander

20 Take a lunch break

21 Write in your journal

22 Develop active listening skills

23 Leave your phone behind

24 Pay attention to your body

25 Do a guided meditation or mindfulness practice

26 Observe your thoughts and feelings

27 Practice mindfulness during routine activities

28 Turn off your devices

29 Set an intention

30 Take in some natural light

31 Keep phone and computer time in check

32 Practice noticing and accepting your thoughts

33 Write sticky notes

34 Regularly identify cognitive biases

35 Practice peaceful eating

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