99 Ways to be more positive in life

1 Express gratitude

2 Be around positive people

3 Smile

4 Practice being grateful

5 Get some exercise

6 Get outside

7 Start your day the right way

8 Live healthy

9 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

10 Eat healthy and get enough sleep

11 Give yourself a break

12 Find the positive viewpoint in a negative situation

13 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

14 Be grateful

15 Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers

16 Take it slow

17 Spend time in nature

18 Make your home a positive place to be

19 Be gentle and loving to yourself

20 Reward yourself for your accomplishments

21 Respect the feelings of others

22 Listen to music that puts you into a positive mood

23 Do something you enjoy every day

24 Treat yourself

25 Counter negative self-talk

26 Identify a positive

27 Practice positive posture

28 Consider meditation

29 Change your perspective

30 Set some goals

31 Avoid the negative people

32 Keep a strengths perspective

33 Engage in positive activities

34 Compliment someone

35 Try something new

36 Practice self-care

37 Set your intentions

38 Let go of the little things

39 Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

40 Fake it until you make it

41 Practice random acts of kindness

42 Volunteer to help others

43 Read motivating books

44 Do something creative

45 Use a journal

46 Do something nice for someone else

47 Work on being more resilient

48 Remind yourself of the good

49 Be more self-compassionate

50 Live in the moment using mindfulness

51 Swap the negative with the positive

52 Take the time to connect with yourself

53 Control your language

54 Stop complaining

55 Be more generous

56 Tell someone what you admire about them

57 Practice positive affirmations

58 Celebrate small victories

59 Avoid gossiping and complaining

60 Be realistic about the situation

61 Learn to stop comparing yourself to other people

62 Treat yourself with love

63 Cultivate optimism

64 Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones

65 Concentrate on small, manageable goals

66 Smile more often

67 Find your purpose

68 Remain grateful for what is going well

69 Write your own affirmations

70 Read

71 Listen

72 Spend time with people you love

73 Comment

74 Be kind

75 Stress less

76 Share your issues

77 Encourage others

78 Focus on the problems in your life

79 Practice patience

80 Strive to be more than just happy

81 Learn more about yourself

82 Decrease negativity in your life

83 Savor the good times

84 Visualize your journey to future success

85 Consider your relationships

86 Keep expanding, growing, and learning

87 Try to find the good in bad situations

88 Know your values and what really matters to you

89 Keep your posture positive

90 Leave work at work

91 Make and keep a compliment file or box

92 Learn how to recognize serious problems versus slight difficulties

93 Keep learning

94 Focus on one thing at a time

95 Know your intrinsic motivation

96 Help make your workplace a positive place to work in

97 Teach others what you know

98 Live in the now

99 Treat yourself more lovingly

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