30 Ways to be a good friend

1 Be kind

2 Give them a meaningful compliment

3 Be honest

4 Theyre honest

5 Keep in touch

6 Keep their secrets

7 Theyre helpful

8 Reflect on your friendship skills

9 Listen really listen

10 Theyre respectful

11 Make friends with their friends

12 Keep having interactions that sustain the friendship

13 Forgive them

14 Always be yourself

15 Put your phone down

16 Try something new with them

17 Tell them how much you appreciate them

18 Be open, kind and understanding

19 Apologize when you make a mistake

20 Give thoughtful advice

21 Stay in touch no matter what

22 Ask a friend for advice or perspective

23 Do not let your friends feel left out, ever

24 Send her an encouraging text

25 Be there for them

26 Do them a favor

27 Develop leadership

28 Tell your friend that you forgive them after they apologize

29 Admit your mistakes and weaknesses

30 Help them grow as a person

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