35 Ways to be good in a relationship

1 Express respect and appreciation

2 Accept your partner as is

3 Be supportive

4 Focus on the positive

5 Healthy relationships are trusting

6 Respect your employees

7 Be honest with each other

8 Display your love and affection

9 Enjoy being playful

10 Spend quality time together

11 Schedule sex!

12 Never put your partner down

13 Show love and loyalty

14 Be nice

15 Communicate, communicate, communicate

16 Bond of trust

17 Stay positive

18 Be authentic

19 Ask for what you need

20 Engage in lots of eye contact

21 Share your thoughts

22 Go on a date

23 Spending time apart

24 Strive for open communication

25 Focus on giving love

26 Appreciate her

27 Make time to do fun things together

28 Support your partners goals

29 Compliment each other

30 Talk with each other

31 Communicate often and in various forms

32 Focus on friendship

33 Become an expert on your partner

34 Start your relationship with purpose

35 Hear others

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