47 Ways to be happy with yourself and life in general

1 Be grateful

2 Get to know your happiness comfort zone

3 Smile more

4 Be forgiving

5 Get some exercise

6 Cultivate gratitude

7 Stop comparing yourself to other people

8 Appreciate what you have

9 Spend time with nature

10 Smile more often

11 Exercise regularly

12 Celebrate your strengths

13 Be comfortable with who you are

14 Foster forgiveness

15 Be open and kind to others

16 Serve and help others

17 Give someone a hug

18 Make plans for your future

19 Spend time with people who make you happy

20 Take a positive approach

21 Stay grateful

22 Step out of your comfort zone

23 Let yourself love anyway

24 Take responsibility for your actions

25 Make the decision to be happier

26 Give a stranger a compliment

27 Make your own happiness a priority

28 Get a good nights sleep

29 Accept yourself for who you are

30 Take some deep breaths

31 Avoid being judgmental

32 Take a good look at yourself

33 Practice smiling more

34 Nurture relationships

35 Give each other some space

36 Look after yourself

37 Quiet your inner critic

38 Stop checking facebook

39 Build your new business or specialism in your spare time

40 View life on the positive side

41 Dont rush through life

42 Make time for fun

43 Eat more happy meals

44 Find ways to bounce back

45 Indulge your creative side

46 Start your day with a cold shower

47 Listen to your favorite song

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