26 Ways to be yourself in a relationship

1 Be happy with yourself

2 Enhance your self-love

3 Take care of yourself

4 Forgive yourself

5 Surround yourself with love

6 Express gratitude

7 Exercise regularly

8 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

9 Give yourself credit where credit is due

10 Learn how to say no

11 Keep up with your own hobbies

12 Change up how you initiate sex

13 Spend some (or a lot of) time alone

14 Seek professional help

15 Love yourself the way you wish they loved you

16 Increase your self-understanding

17 Be proactive with self care

18 Act kindly

19 Have fun together

20 Create self-love habits

21 Act with compassion

22 Demonstrate trust

23 Stay in the present

24 Create healthy relationships

25 Learn how to love yourself by saying no to others

26 Participate in the responsibilities of the house

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