57 Ways to be strong in a relationship

1 Establish trust and respect

2 Communicate, communicate, communicate

3 Spend quality time together

4 Be honest

5 Show appreciation

6 Be friendly

7 Become a great listener

8 Display your love and affection

9 Be positive

10 Respect your employees

11 Respect

12 Remind your partner frequently what you love about your relationship

13 Show your gratitude and appreciation

14 Support

15 Focus on friendship

16 Ask for what you want

17 Keep the playfulness alive

18 Be your authentic self

19 Communicate effectively

20 Give attention

21 Love

22 Acceptance

23 Pray together

24 Celebrate each other

25 Express gratitude for the little things

26 Look at the big picture

27 Own your mistakes (and be solutions-oriented)

28 Act with compassion

29 Be happy with yourself

30 Have laughter time

31 Always keep your word

32 Ask for help

33 Develop empathy

34 Identify shared goals and values

35 Maintain a healthy friendship

36 Send a letter

37 Show each other daily physical affection

38 Put in the effort

39 Meet your suppliers in person

40 Take time to travel together

41 Truly listen to each other

42 Engage in lots of eye contact

43 Recognize that all relationships have their ups and downs

44 Dont avoid conflict

45 Schedulebrainstorming time

46 Speak up when you feel uncomfortable

47 Give and receive

48 Set expectations and deliver

49 Dont just be all business

50 Appreciate your differences

51 Passion

52 Be affirming

53 Soften your start-up

54 Drop the air of superiority

55 Share

56 See a couples therapist

57 Make your partner a priority

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