36 Ways to be more positive in a relationship

1 Express gratitude

2 Express respect and appreciation

3 Expect kindness

4 Focus on the positive

5 Keep it going

6 Show appreciation

7 Spend time together

8 Be open

9 Love yourself first

10 Give each other space

11 Say what you want

12 Be friends

13 Subtly support your partner

14 Express your appreciation

15 Wear a smile

16 Disagree respectfully

17 Listen to them

18 Change up how you initiate sex

19 Choose your battles

20 Convey honesty and trust

21 Show love and loyalty

22 Shake things up

23 Designate a monthly date night

24 Tell your partner often why you love them

25 Remove toxic relationships from your life

26 Hold onto trust

27 Develop empathy

28 Lead with the good news

29 Positive relationships create safe spaces for learning

30 Improve your communication skills

31 Explore your love language

32 Put in the work

33 Praise your man

34 Spending time apart

35 Try something new

36 Declare your intention

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