42 Ways to be more spiritual every day

1 Start a daily meditation practice

2 Cultivate gratitude

3 Breathing

4 Spend time outside in a natural environment

5 Become more spiritual by getting a spiritual reading

6 Show compassion

7 Develop a gratitude practice

8 Know how to take care of your body

9 Become more spiritual by being yourself

10 Start a gratitude journal

11 Be crystal clear on what your beliefs are

12 Be good to others

13 Learn how to reach mindfulness

14 Kindness

15 Take a cleansing natural sea salt bath

16 Spread love everywhere you go

17 Cultivate peace

18 Keep your priorities straight

19 Cultivate a little solitude

20 Recognize the inter-connectedness of everything

21 Think positively

22 Accept spirituality as a lifelong journey

23 Stay honest to yourself

24 Serve others along the way

25 Learn to love yourself

26 Spiritual health yoga

27 Travel to expand your mind and find yourself

28 Remain mindful and aware

29 Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day

30 Serve in some way

31 Take a leap of faith

32 Someone you love

33 Be silent

34 Meditate on a daily basis

35 Go on a mission trip

36 Write in a journal

37 Mcnichol t

38 Thinking of spirituality as a destination, not a journey

39 Marinate in presence

40 Detach from worldly things

41 Truth

42 Send stars you can send also to

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