44 Ways to be more spiritual

1 Do a daily meditation

2 Make room for gratitude

3 Take care of your body

4 Trust your intuition

5 Kindness

6 Prayer

7 Practice gratitude

8 Spend time outside in a natural environment

9 Be good to others

10 Enjoy some quiet space

11 Spiritual health yoga

12 Be crystal clear on what your beliefs are

13 Pay attention to your dreams

14 Connect with nature

15 Learn to love yourself

16 Move and breathe

17 Recognize the inter-connectedness of everything

18 If you need it, ask for help

19 Spread love everywhere you go

20 Take a cleansing natural sea salt bath

21 Offer forgiveness

22 Cultivate peace

23 Accept spirituality as a lifelong journey

24 Think positively

25 Be honest with yourself

26 Travel to expand your mind and find yourself

27 Commit to something bigger

28 Cleanse past relationships

29 Take a step of faith

30 Surrender your outcomes

31 Bible-reading and study

32 Relax and have fun!

33 Keep your priorities straight

34 Because i am free, i am responsible

35 Listen to your gut

36 Take things into your own hands

37 Express yourself

38 Look at the world as an illusion

39 Make small connections with your higher consciousness every day

40 Value the people in your life

41 Study together

42 Start meditating

43 Practice patience

44 Restore another persons spirit

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