25 Ways to be calm when angry

1 Stay calm

2 Take some deep breaths

3 Listen to them

4 Look for the function of their anger

5 Remove yourself from the situation

6 Be compassionate

7 Empathize

8 Just walk away

9 Breathe, and breathe

10 Ask for a break

11 Exit an argument earlier than you think you need to

12 Show your love and caring

13 Lighten the situation with humour

14 Count to 10 (or 100)

15 Watch or listen to something funny

16 Listen to some relaxing music

17 Practice positive communication

18 Check your body language

19 Laughter the best medicine for an angry child

20 Resist the urge to vent

21 Talk to a therapist or a neutral person

22 Listen before you respond

23 Show empathy

24 Hug a teddy bear

25 Tell the truth

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