30 Ways to be more exciting

1 Make new friends

2 Learn new skills

3 Strawberry water

4 Say yes to everything

5 Commit random acts of kindness

6 Greet and smile at strangers

7 Change up how you initiate sex

8 Spice things up literally

9 Adopt a small pet

10 Surprise your loved ones

11 Make it fun, exciting and interesting

12 Practice humility and have empathy

13 Pleasure yourself in front of your partner

14 Share new experiences

15 Add color in unexpected places

16 Have exciting friends

17 Give yourself a challenge

18 Learn from others

19 Make the relationship memorable

20 Invite your partner on a date

21 Choose appropriate words

22 Have three good stories ready to share

23 Prepare your own meal

24 Engage another sense

25 Take it slow

26 Incorporate mystery into your lessons

27 Get a makeover

28 Do something youre afraid of doing

29 Youll be betterlooking

30 Group answers

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