45 Ways to be a better partner

1 Express your gratitude

2 Talk about sex more

3 Learn your partners love languages

4 Go on a date

5 Listen to them

6 Stay connected

7 Do what you say youre going to do

8 Vow to be a better listener

9 See your partner for who he or she really is

10 Start giving compliments again

11 Give your partner the opportunity to win your trust back

12 Do check-ins

13 Change up how you initiate sex

14 Do something together

15 Pay attention to the little things

16 Be more spontaneous

17 Maintain intimacy and communication

18 Take care of yourself

19 Criticize less

20 Brag about them

21 Schedule sex

22 Leave your emotional baggage out of it

23 Remind yourself that the two of you are a team

24 Let your spouse feel your presence

25 Focus on your hellos and goodbyes

26 Validate more often

27 Try the compliment sandwich

28 Prioritize your mental health

29 Make household equity a priority

30 Know your attachment style and take ownership of it

31 Practice taking the lead

32 Be intentional about affirming your partner more

33 Be empathetic when your partner is experiencing distress

34 Aim for more eye contact

35 Be assertive

36 Invest it more quality time

37 Understand yourself better

38 Find your own happiness

39 Set goals together

40 Talk about the relationship you want to have

41 Be more present with your partner

42 Support their dreams

43 Express empathy

44 Manage expectations

45 Cultivate new shared interests

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