35 Ways to be a better mom

1 Be yourself

2 Display kindness

3 Get some sleep

4 Get up and get dressed

5 Patience

6 Listen

7 Ask for help

8 Reconnect with a friend

9 Exercise!

10 Stay active

11 Respectful

12 Get organized–inyour way

13 Get moving – for real

14 Put your phone down

15 Set reasonable expectations

16 Forgive what you can

17 Go for a workout

18 Pray with your children and memorize scripture together

19 Be present

20 Strive for gratitude

21 Spend quality time with your children

22 Smile often

23 Become yes-filled

24 Do your best

25 Slow down

26 Do something for me

27 Not expect perfection

28 Focus on one habit at a time

29 Find other positive parents

30 Write everything down, especially your to-do list

31 Try to plan your reactions ahead

32 Form a tribe

33 Have a date night with your husband

34 Focus on the positive and cultivate my own interests

35 Mentor

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