52 Ways to be a better person in a relationship

1 Be grateful

2 Build and maintain trust

3 Focus on the positive

4 Practice forgiveness

5 Have fun

6 Keep your promises

7 Respect your partner

8 Take care of yourself

9 Practice being grateful

10 Practice healthy communication skills

11 Be your authentic self

12 Work on yourself first

13 Let go of the small stuff

14 Ask for help

15 Commit to things 100%

16 Read this

17 Take an interest in what interests them

18 Take responsibility for your actions

19 Be mindful of how you speak to others

20 Keep dating each other

21 Let go of your ego

22 Pay attention to others

23 Spending time apart

24 Truly listen to each other

25 Get your listening ears on

26 Do unto others…

27 Encourage each other

28 Never assume anything

29 Be supportive

30 Always find the opportunity to be humble

31 Make a point of paying compliments

32 Dont let your world revolve around your partner

33 Treat your spouse like your best friend

34 Be affectionate toward your spouse

35 Be more vulnerable

36 Give without expecting things in return

37 Set goals as a couple

38 Read more

39 Cherish each other

40 Resist the fear of missing out (fomo)

41 Check your assumptions about what it means to say no

42 Consider how to use a modified no

43 Maintain a degree of space and independence

44 Ask the right questions

45 Do one nice thing every day

46 Be proactive rather than reactive

47 Have an honest conversation with your partner

48 Have a discussion about boundaries and commitments

49 Start a gratitude practice

50 Remind yourself that you can survive anything

51 Take a time out to calm down and get rational

52 Get into therapy

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