43 Ways to use affirmations

1 I am successful in whatever i do

2 I get better every day in every way

3 I am worthy of happiness and love

4 I am confident

5 I love myself deeply and completely

6 Use your affirmations every day

7 I trust myself

8 Give affirmation

9 I am surrounded by abundance

10 Get in gratitude

11 Write your affirmation in the present tense (ex

12 I am happy and content with my life

13 Use as a mantra in meditation

14 Keep it simple

15 I deserve love

16 I let go of my worries

17 Start with i am

18 I attract money effortlessly and easily

19 I am valued and appreciated at my workplace

20 Write them down

21 Create some affirmations out of those beliefs

22 Say your affirmation every day for at least 5 minutes

23 I am bold and courageous

24 I belong, and i am good enough

25 Speak the positive statement

26 I am becoming more and more prosperous with every day

27 I radiate confidence in all i do!

28 I see perfection in both my virtues and my flaws

29 Be patient and observant

30 Make sure that your affirmation only contains positive words

31 I speak kindly of others

32 Write out your affirmation using your positive attributes

33 I am open to all possibilities

34 Be patient with yourself

35 Remain in the present

36 Everywhere i go, i am accompanied by love

37 I am forgiving

38 I am blessed with an amazing family and friends

39 I fall into a deep and relaxing sleep

40 Identify the areas that you want to reprogram

41 Define your struggle/negative thoughts

42 Be concise

43 Include a feeling word

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