9 Ways to make money selling wordpress themes

With so many blogs popping up everyday, selling wordpress themes can net you a cool $250 per month in the right niche. The narrower the niche, the lesser the competition, the more the money. You can make more money offering human support, but do not offer it unless you really mean it. Also, offering some free themes can attract an audience towards your portfolio and get the money pouring in. You can put up your themes for sale on these sites.

References: Complete Themes

1 Themeforest

ThemeForest is the most popular marketplace offered by Envato, with more than 10,000 themes and templates published by over 2500 authors. The site maintains high standards and it might be tough to get your site published, but if it does, then it is guaranteed to get some attention on this big site.

2 Codecanyon

CodeCanyon This is also another marketplace offered by Envato, this time for wordpress plugins, scripts and snippets. ]

3 Mojo themes

Mojo Themes is a quick growing marketplace, that offers a 50% of the sale for initial authors and upto 70% of the sale for established authors. ]

4 Mojo code

Mojo Code is a sister site of Mojo themes that specializes in offering wordpress plugins and scripts. ]

5 Wp eden

WP Eden is a smaller marketplace, but nevertheless an opportunity to make additional revenue.

6 Themesnap

ThemeSnap is a marketplace for Wordpress and Drupal themes as well as wordpress templates]

7 Wp shop

WP Shop is a fairly recent entrant that allows you to also offer free themes for additional distribution

8 Creative market

Creative Market is a site where you can sell themes, templates and other graphic design items related to the Wordpress ecosystem. ]

9 Codester

Codester is another great place to sell your wordpress themes. You can also use it for selling apps, graphics and scripts. ]

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