20 Ways to make money writing and selling ebooks

Writing and selling e-books is one of the greatest ways of making money online. Since you do not even need to get to office to write an ebook, it can also be considered one of the many ways to make money from home. And once you write up the book (yes that is a task in itself), if it is any good, you can expected a steady stream of income. This also makes it one of the ways of making money passively.

There are many sites where you can sell ebooks that you write.

1 Amazon kindle direct publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing They offer a royalty per sale of 35%-70%. The published books are available for purchase on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, PC, Blackberry, and Android powered devices. Obviously this is the largest marketplace and your book is most likely to get noticed here.

2 Pubit!

PubIt! This is a online publishing platform from Barnes and Noble. It automatically converts your digital file into those suitable for viewing on NOOK, mobile and computing devices. Barnes and Noble is big, and you can harness its reach to get your ebook to millions of potential buyers. They offer a royalty per sale of 40%-65%.]

3 Lulu

Lulu They offer a very high royalty, about 90%. With their ePub converter you can easily convert your MS-Word or RTF format documents into those readable on iBookStore, or even NOOK by Barnes and Noble. You can also sell PDF formatted ebooks this way.

4 Scribd

Scribd Their royalty is about 80%.

5 Kobo writing life

Kobo Writing life offers a royalty of about 70%-80%

6 Smashwords

Smashwords is more like a meta-seller that makes it easy to publish your ebooks on variety of platforms, including the others listed on this site. There are no setup fees and no cost to update your ebooks, and the royalty is about 60%-85%.]

7 Bookbaby

BookBaby They are the largest network for Indie authors and make them available to other retailers such as Apple iBookstore, Barnes&Noble, Sony's reader store, Amazon.com, Kobo, Copia and many more. Their royalty is listed as 100% but we are skeptical about how that works, for them at least. ]

8 E-junkie

E-Junkie Here you can sell your ebooks in doc, pdf or any other document format. They also have a pdf stamping feature that discourage file sharing if you are worried about that.

9 Tradebit

Tradebit You can get started selling in seconeds, on eBay or your own website. Their royalty rates are 70% to 80%

10 Blurb

Blurb They offer tools to make your own photo book, cookbook or travel photo book that you can then sell online and turn your skills into a profit. ]

11 Clickbank

Clickbank It is a marketplace for all kinds of digital products, not just ebooks. They get their promotions through affiliate marketeers. They can provide a royalty of 50%-90%

12 Myebook

MyeBook They have high royalty rate, in the range of 90% and also provide a unique publishing platform that makes it easy to include audio, video, animation and other media.

13 Ebookmall

eBookMall They have a low royalty rate of 50% but has the benefit of being able to restrict the sale of your books in certain countries and regions.

14 Ebookit!


15 Click2sell

Click2Sell Their affiliate marketing network gets your books noticed, whether you are a small vendor or have a huge inventory. Also, they have high royalty rate of 90%-95%

16 Booktango

BookTango is another publishing platform with a plethora of tools to facilitate self-publishing. It also has a high royalty rate, almost a 100%

17 Payhip

Payhip Get instantly paid via paypal on this self-publishing platform.

18 Payloadz

Payloadz Not only books, but also software, music, movies digital art, manuals, articles, certificates and other stuff can be sold on this platform. The royalty rate of 95% is quite good.

19 Payspree

Payspree takes care of the affiliate program and sales for you, so you focus on writing.

20 Instabuck

Instabuck It is a general purpose platform to sell digital products and also supports AB testing, if needed.

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