41 Ways to be a millionaire in 5 years

1 Automate your savings

2 Get lucky and win big at the lottery

3 Diligently keep track of your progress

4 Develop multiple streams of income

5 Increase your income

6 Diversification

7 Pay off your debts

8 Pursue relevant education

9 Re-invest your income

10 Practice minimalism

11 Start a business or expand one

12 Increase your income to help you become a millionaire

13 Become a brilliant listener and observer

14 Create a wealth vision

15 Open your account

16 Focus on who instead of how

17 Think long term

18 Prioritize your spending

19 Protect your assets

20 Pick low cost investments

21 Dont chase returns

22 Steer clear of debt

23 Build your million dollar empire from the ground up

24 Live below your means

25 Look for freebies on tax software websites

26 Ask for a discount

27 Find free tax clinics in your community

28 Diy some of the other stuff

29 Shop smart

30 Develop a daily routine to live in a flow/peak state

31 Design your environment for clarity, recovery, and creativity

32 Focus on results, not habits or processes

33 Identify ideal mentors/partners

34 Continually update your values/definition ofsuccess

35 Make responsible spending choices

36 Trim your bills

37 Set realistic goals

38 Focus on earning

39 Be disciplined and decisive

40 Invest in yourself

41 Embrace the markets

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