8 Ways to make money as a life coach

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. — Harold Whitman

Life coaching is a big $2 Billion industry and is a lucrative career option for those that seek fulfillment in helping others achieve their goal and make some extra money on the side doing so. In this article, we will review some ways of making money as a life coach.

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1 1-on-1 coaching

You can provide 1-on-1 coaching to your clients and help them overcome their problems by assisting them in formulating a plan of action. You can set your rates and also plan a schedule that works for you and the client.

2 Corporate training services

Corporates are always on the lookout for coaching in areas that improve employee morale and productivity, such as dealing with stress, time management, customer service, health and wellness, leadership, management coaching. If you are an expert in an area or if you can become one, you can get into this lucrative role to help out organization achieve their productivity and efficiency goals. Check out our detailed article on creating and hosting training courses for maximum profit.

3 Group coaching program

Similar to 1-on-1 coaching, this involves coaching a group of people with similar needs, typically over a longer duration such as 1 to 6 months.

4 Be a consultant

You analyze your client's problems and give specialized advice based on your experience and expertise, typically in a business environment.

5 Be a mentor

Mentoring is a long term relationship that helps guide a less experienced person in crucial areas of their life and career that need help with.

6 Seminars, teleseminars and webinars

You can conduct seminars and workshops regularly that provide condensed version of trainings for your clients to stay up to date with the latest know-how in their field of interest. Teleseminars are seminars, but provided remotely online or via a teleconference. There are many teleconference hosting services. Similarly, webinars are seminars that are offered over the web, such as using Google hangouts.

7 Write books and ebooks

If you have acquired expertise in a field, it totally makes sense to write a book or ebook about it, educating those that are less experienced. You can check our detailed article on how to get your ebooks published for the best royalty rates most efficiently.

8 Audiobooks

If you do not wish to write, but to speak through your material, you can also enter the lucrative business of audiobooks. A lot of people, especially busy managers and execs listen to audiobooks while driving, so create content that will be useful for them. Check out our detailed article on how to profit from your audiobooks.

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