32 Ways to be positive minded

1 Be thankful

2 Be around positive people

3 Visualise a positive outcome

4 Look for the positive

5 Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts

6 Practice meditation

7 Practice being grateful

8 Set goals

9 Take responsibility for your attitude

10 I am confident

11 Offer compliments to others

12 Challenge your negative thoughts

13 Keep a gratitude journal

14 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

15 Focus on the things you can control

16 Start your day with a positive thought

17 Change your perspective

18 Be loving, compassionate and kind

19 Read / listen to positive and inspirational material

20 Be involved in preparations for the arrival of your baby

21 Be grateful for the little things

22 I will try new things

23 Take it slow

24 I will turn negative thoughts into positive ones

25 Do something to help

26 Talk positive to maintain a positive attitude

27 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

28 Remind yourself that everyone has their own journeys

29 Find some (any) humor

30 Talk about your feelings

31 Recognize negative thoughts

32 Dont waste time feeling sorry for yourself

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