45 Ways to be happy today

1 Happy people try to be happy

2 Be grateful

3 Exercise

4 Smile!

5 Do it with kindness

6 Perform random acts of kindness

7 Make your own happiness a priority

8 Be yourself

9 Consider meditation

10 Give a hug

11 Give a compliment

12 Eat something healthy

13 Try something new

14 Get plenty of sleep

15 Live your values

16 Stay mindful

17 Make the decision to be happier

18 Stop worrying

19 Forgive

20 Give yourself a confidence boost

21 Get regular exercise

22 Let go of the past

23 Apologize sincerely

24 Go for a walk

25 Find those silver linings

26 Practice smiling more

27 Plan a fun activity

28 Say affirmations out loud

29 Give back

30 Surprise visits

31 Celebrate daily wins

32 Identify your strengths to help you have self confidence

33 Give your close friends a call

34 Spend time in nature

35 Keep a gratitude journal

36 Get the help you need

37 Treat yourself to some flowers

38 Build meaningful connections

39 Change up your vocabulary

40 Pick up a book to read

41 Happy people stop and smell the roses

42 Organize and participate in fundraisers

43 Call

44 Plan a surprise holiday

45 Spend quality time

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