68 Ways to be a more positive person

1 Be openly grateful

2 Be around positive people

3 Smile like you mean it

4 Get some exercise

5 Be nice to other people

6 Eat healthy

7 Be nice to yourself

8 Get outside

9 Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones

10 Make your home a positive place to be

11 Avoid posting suggestive things

12 Start your day in a positive way

13 Give thanks for successes, every day

14 Keep a strengths perspective

15 Do random acts of kindness

16 Consider meditation

17 Bring your pet to work

18 Think positive and stay optimistic

19 Give yourself a break

20 Keep a gratitude journal

21 Mentor and support your colleagues

22 Spend time in nature

23 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

24 Live in the moment using mindfulness

25 Celebrate small victories

26 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

27 Have a positive mantra

28 Build their self-esteem

29 Take things slowly

30 Fake it until you make it

31 Change your perspective

32 Avoid the negative people

33 Give back

34 Volunteer to help others

35 Use a journal

36 Listen to music that puts you into a positive mood

37 Set some goals

38 Learn to stop comparing yourself to other people

39 Focus on the positive

40 Find the positive viewpoint in a negative situation

41 Be realistic about the situation

42 Exercise regularly and eat and sleep well

43 Keep your posture positive

44 Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers

45 Watch out for negative self-talk

46 Think happy thoughts

47 Reward yourself for your accomplishments

48 Greet people

49 Discuss rather than argue

50 Listen

51 Use mantras

52 Wake up gently

53 Mind your inputs

54 Make your mornings count

55 Play schedule time to play into your life

56 Understand that they can be anywhere and anyone

57 Maintain balance

58 Acknowledge when bad things happen

59 Share your issues

60 Know your values and what really matters to you

61 Teach others what you know

62 Engagement in activities that create flow

63 Remember to breathe

64 Start a daily gratitude practice

65 Give back to others

66 Consider all the people who are affected by your mood

67 Remain grateful for what is going well

68 Focus on the present

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