106 Ways to be more effective at work

1 Set clear goals

2 Be consistent

3 Take a break

4 Prioritize your most important tasks first

5 Reduce distractions

6 Make sure you take breaks

7 Show gratitude

8 Create a healthy work environment

9 Know their strengths and weaknesses

10 Delegate responsibility

11 Use the right tools

12 Put your phone on silent

13 Stop multitasking

14 Establish a routine

15 Focus on one thing at a time

16 Ensure employees are happy

17 Encourage teamwork

18 Set small goals for the tasks

19 Trust your employees

20 Know your limit

21 Offer constructive feedback in a thoughtful way

22 Avoid the urge to multitask

23 Reward jobs well done

24 Create a receptive atmosphere

25 Use time management tools

26 Learn how to prioritize

27 Set a time limit to complete a task

28 Encourage collaboration

29 Track your progress

30 Prioritize work projects

31 Celebrate achievements and milestones

32 Provide clarity

33 Make a daily plan

34 Batch tasks

35 Build the connection between the team members

36 Question procedures

37 Hold standing meetings

38 Stop…

39 Improve workplace conditions

40 Make meetings more productive

41 Figure out how youre currently spending your time

42 Practice self care

43 Respect the need for silence

44 Provide valuable feedback

45 Plan your day ahead of time

46 Break up your projects into smaller tasks

47 Let your passion burn bright

48 Ask for help!

49 Take good care of yourself

50 Exercise and eat healthily

51 Develop a growth mindset

52 Encourage regular check-ins between management and employees

53 Use the pomodoro strategy

54 Become an early riser

55 Get the right tools for your job

56 Be as flexible as possible about work hours

57 Encourage, motivate, reward and recognize

58 Be aware of body language

59 Remove non-essential tasks/activities

60 Rethink ineffective ways of working

61 Determine your productive times

62 Set clear milestones

63 Relieve stress

64 Have a consistent morning routine

65 Stay focused and avoid distractions

66 Practice authentic communication

67 Avoid idle chat, drama, and gossip

68 Turn off phone notifications

69 Get out of the way

70 Centralize your work in email

71 Group similar tasks together

72 Assign time limits to tasks

73 Get organized

74 See and share the big picture

75 Acknowledge your weak spots

76 Identify your personal work patterns

77 Figure out your 2 peak hours

78 Focus on one goal at a time

79 Throw stuff away and declutter

80 Find a method for delegating and following-up

81 Create a proactive dashboard

82 Be accountable to another person

83 Pick one task and then do it

84 Follow the 2 pizza rule for meetings

85 Get sunlight

86 Get all warm and cuddly

87 Update your resume

88 Loss of control

89 Split your tasks into milestones

90 Automate progress reporting with nifty

91 Stay on top of work with toggl plans visual overviews

92 Reduce time-drain from miscommunication with grammarly

93 Stay organized and boost your productivity with evernote

94 Complete tasks in batches

95 Get moving!

96 Morning huddles with your team

97 Get out of the office

98 De-clutter and organize your work environment

99 Visualize next week this week with the 2-hour solution

100 Wake up early

101 Stand more

102 Define effective

103 Investigate underperformance issues

104 Conquer difficult tasks first

105 Be aware of your limitations

106 Be consciously present

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