69 Ways to be more positive at work

1 Show your gratitude

2 Smile

3 Allow the joy in

4 Spend time with people who have a positive attitude

5 Be positive

6 Reward yourself for your accomplishments

7 Stay healthy

8 Get enough sleep

9 Avoid spreading gossip

10 Celebrate wins

11 Encourage others

12 Be kind and help your colleagues

13 Random acts of kindness

14 Practice meditation

15 Set goals

16 Make your home a positive environment

17 Build good relationships with coworkers

18 Give yourself a break

19 Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way

20 Bring your pet to work

21 Encourage positive thinking

22 Start your day in a positive way

23 Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones

24 Celebrate small victories

25 Add value and positivity to someone elses life

26 Get some exercise

27 Make sure to communicate

28 Fill your head with positive information

29 Try to learn something new

30 Trust your team members

31 Be more generous

32 Show your appreciation

33 Focus on the long-term instead of the short-term

34 Show respect

35 Help make your workplace a positive place to work in

36 Turn failures into lessons

37 Make your workspace as comfortable as possible

38 Reward/compliment effort ratherthantalent

39 Engage in positive media

40 Listen to music that puts you into a positive mood

41 Find the positive viewpoint in a negative situation

42 Do something nice

43 Seek out new experiences that challenge your implicit negative beliefs

44 Use words that create a positive feeling

45 Ensure the office environment is comfortable

46 Give thanks for successes, every day

47 Encourage collaboration and communication

48 Take responsibility for your actions

49 Learn to stop comparing yourself to other people

50 Set measurable goals

51 Keep a strengths perspective

52 Write a gratitude letter

53 Respect the feelings of others

54 Take a daily dose of gratitude

55 Act professionally

56 Create a routine

57 Company counts

58 Go the extra mile

59 Give positive reinforcement

60 Start with positivity

61 Teamwork

62 Be mindful

63 Give good service a shout out

64 Read

65 Reduce complaints

66 Eat foods that boost your mood

67 Maintain balance

68 Focus on the problems in your life

69 Get some sun

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