31 Ways to be in control of your mind

1 Take deep breaths

2 Breathe

3 Visualization

4 Find your mantra

5 Learn mindfulness skills

6 Create a plan for your life

7 Get some sleep

8 Practice meditation

9 Give yourself a break

10 Schedule time to worry

11 Identify your fears

12 Meditate on a regular basis

13 Implement a positive change into your daily routine

14 Force yourself to focus

15 Reward yourself

16 Avoid negative thinking

17 Do something fun and creative

18 Surround yourself with positive people

19 Make an action plan

20 Stop stalking them online

21 Avoid catastrophizing

22 Tell yourself

23 Be relax

24 Tony robbins priming method

25 Listen to audiobooks for a relaxing bedtime story

26 Let it flow by

27 Ground yourself in the present

28 Flip the thought

29 Sit by a window and read a book

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