43 Ways to study better

1 Stay positive

2 Avoid distractions

3 Try out a study group

4 Take a break

5 Find a good study spot

6 Stay organized

7 Make a plan

8 Teach to learn

9 Practice, practice, practice

10 Take the practice tests

11 Listen to music

12 Competent user

13 Set rewards for yourself

14 Figure out your learning style

15 Make study time a part of your daily routine

16 Study in a group

17 Understand how you learn best

18 Avoid multitasking

19 Develop a healthy routine

20 Eat snacks that are good for the brain

21 Study with friends online

22 Make flash cards

23 Use active recall to study effectively

24 Make flash cards for information you need to memorize

25 Use the leitner system

26 Use realistic practice questions and tests

27 Take notes by hand, instead of using your laptop

28 Use mind maps

29 Get some great sleep

30 Switch it up

31 Take more useful notes in class

32 Connect new information to something you already know

33 Put yourself to the test

34 Teach other people what youve learned

35 Break up study time

36 Figure out what works for you

37 Reduce math anxiety the easy way (practice problems)

38 Study in chunks

39 Create a mnemonic device

40 Shout it out

41 Make information challenging

42 Make your study space portable

43 Consolidate notes soon after the lecture

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