29 Ways to be a nicer person

1 Show gratitude

2 Listen really listen

3 Smile

4 Be happy for others

5 Pay compliments

6 Be sincere

7 Be understanding – assume the best in others

8 Be kinder to yourself

9 Be mindful of others

10 Help people

11 Be authentic

12 Accept more invitations

13 Hold the door open for someone

14 Compliment yourself often

15 Smile and laugh

16 Learn how to be a good listener

17 Be helpful in little ways

18 Pay attention to the way nice people behave

19 Donate your expertise to someone in need

20 Be encouraging

21 Dont be critical

22 Be more easygoing on the road

23 Love yourself, faults and all

24 Look into upping your nutritional status

25 Start meditating 5 minutes each day

26 Be more positive on social media

27 Forgive

28 Apologize sincerely

29 Show thoughtfulness

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