38 Ways to be nicer to yourself

1 Be sincere

2 Be kind to yourself!

3 Pay compliments

4 Show gratitude

5 Self-compassion

6 Help others

7 Make time for others

8 Give your time…gratis

9 Accept more invitations

10 Be nicer to the environment

11 Engage your senses

12 Ask for help if you need it

13 Start each morning with positive affirmations

14 Become a keen listener

15 Be a source of positivity on social media

16 Make compliments and see the goodin others

17 Forgive yourself

18 Have a sympathetic and an empathetic heart

19 Be patient with yourself

20 Listen carefully

21 Be compassionate

22 Treat yourself as you would a friend

23 Think about the benefits that being kind has for you

24 Take yourself out on a date

25 Forgive yourself for your mistakes

26 Go to your happy place and rest

27 I love you no matter what

28 Share your prayers

29 Smile and laugh

30 I love you even when you are angry at me

31 Recognize their feelings

32 Be able to laugh at yourself

33 Find your type of humor

34 Dont talk badly or gossip about others

35 Stop complaining, giving excuses, blaming others

36 Never assume you know what people are thinking or feeling

37 Send more handwritten letters

38 Be mindful

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