43 Ways to be more loving in a relationship

1 Show your gratitude

2 Remember why you love your partner

3 Display your love and affection

4 Be honest

5 Change up when you have sex

6 Show all your appreciation

7 Accentuate the positive

8 Plan a date night

9 Play a game together

10 Focus on giving love

11 Be kind to yourself

12 Feel beautiful

13 Shake things up

14 Ask yourself what they need

15 Keep dating each other

16 Be friends with each other

17 Leave each other love notes

18 Choose your battles

19 Take an interest in what interests them

20 Flirt with each other

21 Take a shower or bath together

22 Be affectionate toward your spouse

23 Work on goals together

24 Offer to help

25 Get comfortable being alone

26 Do something romantic for your partner

27 Focus on making yourself happy

28 Focus on affectionate touch

29 Talk with each other

30 Communicate and be honest

31 Be more affectionate yourself

32 Learn something new

33 Initiate intimacy

34 Schedule weekly date nights

35 Spend time together

36 Know and practice each others love language

37 Read a book together

38 Ask how their day was…

39 Start your relationship with purpose

40 Take time to get to know your partner better

41 Stop comparing your marriage to other marriages

42 Do something together every week

43 Fear of intimacy

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