49 Ways to be a great student

1 Successful teachers enjoy their work

2 Stay real

3 Make teaching and learning fun!

4 Get to know (and like) your students

5 Get involved

6 Increase student engagement

7 Form or join a study group

8 Attend back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences

9 Successful teachers have clear objectives

10 Take good notes in class

11 Sit in the front row

12 Develop a relationship with a mentor

13 Know how to manage your time

14 Take the practice tests

15 Be available for office hours

16 Eliminate distractions

17 Take care of yourself!

18 Look to the future

19 Seek out feedback & apply it

20 Get inspired

21 Schedule your study time

22 Celebrate their achievements and successes

23 Keep yourself motivated

24 Have self-esteem

25 Use rewards and incentives

26 Create space for relationships

27 Provide opportunities to collaborate

28 Set your outcome

29 Encourage discipline

30 Take hard classes

31 Be punctual and always show up

32 Be organized

33 Break the ice

34 Learn about your rights

35 See the bigger picture

36 Start a side hustle

37 Pick good friends in school

38 Do all the work, plus more

39 Meditate

40 Do your homework

41 Leverage the power of the internet

42 Speak about when, not if

43 Make college visits on vacations

44 Write about experiences

45 Save awards/honors certificates

46 Strive for nhs/njhs membership

47 Expect extra credit

48 Teach that asking for help is smart

49 Promote honors and ap classes

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