32 Ways to be rich

1 Invest in you

2 Find good deals

3 Take calculated risks

4 Increase your income streams

5 Work really hard

6 Understand fabrics and materials

7 Set realistic goals

8 Take advantage of free money!

9 Create a business

10 Get a quality watch

11 Avoid owing money

12 Rich people understand that getting rich is a process

13 Get multiple, connected income streams flowing

14 Raise money for their charity

15 Get on a budget

16 Start your day early

17 Get quality leather goods

18 Osteoporosis prevention

19 Seek a mentor

20 Interest-based income through investing in mortgage notes

21 Build discipline

22 Quality over quantity

23 Pay attention to details

24 Avoid logos

25 Get your hair styled

26 Reduce your spending by earning free gift cards!

27 Control emotions

28 Family may want you to keep up appearances

29 Develop property

30 Build a portfolio of stocks and shares

31 Start your own business and eventually sell it

32 Find a job in the right vehicle

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